सावन को आने दो,
पायल को पाने दो!

Yadav is ubiquitous

यादव सर्वत्र 

यादव को याद करो,
और यादव हाजिर है!



दीदी का,
मात्रा में,
फेरबदल कर,
 दादा होना!

Queen Cracker

Knight before Night; Crack before Quake: The Q Factor

Knight before night

Every dog has his day, 
cat her night,
Begam game,
Queen her knight.

Reverse Swing

पंजाबी पस्त!

English Vinglish subcontinent is a land of multiple languages with English uniting as official language. It is easy to guess one's mother tongue when people here speak English because of mother tongue effect.

Despite a training to speak so-called neutral English right from kindergarten, there is tendency to relapse to so-called desi (indigenous) English. Thus, someone from Bihar will be in danger to relapse to English spoken like former Bihar Chief Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav:

With Bengali as mother tongue, like veteran politician Pranab Mukherjee, now president of India:

With Haryanvi, Arjun in Namak Halaal:

Someone with Urdu mother tongue or military background under internal/external pressure can always start speaking English peculiar to former President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf:

According to an insider of a leading BPO company from Kolkata, India that sells products to western countries by calling prospects over phone: You need to put callers under pressure so that they do not relapse to indigenous English. For us, Musharraf-style English while negotiating western clients is okay... We cannot afford to let our callers go free like Lalu.

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